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Amber oil to hair care


Genuine Natural Baltic amber oil to hair care.
Purpose: Hair care
Made in: Russia (Moscow);
Raw material: crude Baltic amber stone;
Composition: 20% Baltic amber oil; 80% natural apricot oil;
Validity: 5 years

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Amber oil mixed with apricot kernel oil from old times were used such additional in traditional medicine by removing inflammation, eczema, itching and burning. Very suitable for facial massage.

In mixture of Amber oil and apricot kernel oil are a lot of vitamins (F, A and B), minerals, rich in oleic and linoleic fatty acids. This oil is widely used as a cosmetic product as an effective remedy to support traditional medical treatments and procedures.

In various literature are describes properties and uses of amber oil mixed with apricot kernel oil:

  • Anti-inflammatoryrejuvenate skin;
  • As a means to nourish hair as the hair, softens the hair ends and allows hair to grow long, thick and strong. Recommended to dry hair;
  • Suitable for removing makeup, including eye;
  • Hair care. Easily washed oil that softens and moisturizes hairs. The hair will be shiny and smooth;
  • If the hair brittle;
  • With hair loss;
  • Body Massage

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