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Amber oil to damaged skin care


Genuine Natural Baltic amber oil to damaged skin care.
Purpose: Damaged skin care
Made in: Russia (Moscow);
Raw material: crude Baltic amber gemstone;
Composition: 20% Baltic amber oil; 80% natural thistle oil;
Validity: 5 years

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Many disliked thistle weeds  an excellent herbal plant used since ancient times in folk medicine. Amber oil mixed with thistle oil from old times were used such additional in traditional medicine by tightens the skin and acts as a stimulus to activate skin regeneration.

In various literature are describes properties and uses of amber oil mixed with thistle oil:

  • As an aide in the treatment of various skin diseases;
  • As an aide in the treatment of female organ inflammation and wound;
  • As an aide in the treatment of dog bites;
  • As a means to wash the hairs with dandruff;
  • As an aide in the treatment of viral diseases (herpes, etc.);
  • As an aide in the treatment of surgical diseases (burns, rotting wounds, pressure ulcers);
  • As an aide for treating cuts, bruises, burns, noxious plants, callosity, bladders;
  • As a tool to maintain your skin and hair, as well as a nutrient the body through various massages and face masks

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