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Amber Ring on finger

This massage amber ring, which is produce from genuine Baltic raw amber stone we are offer in three sizes:

  • MINI – for teenagers
  • MEDIUM – for womens
  • MAXI – for mans
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Baltic Amber ring on finger to massage BAP by Su-Jok method


Simplicity of treatment is the best part of Su Jok,’ – Prof. Park Jae Woo

Su-Jok therapy is based on the fact that our body is represented in miniature form, on our hands & Feet. It is like using a remote control to influence our whole body and cure disease. Due to this fact any problem in the body can be influenced using the Su-Jok correspondence treatment.

From old times well-know Baltic amber healing characteristics. ONLY CRUDE AMBER WITH BARK has healing characteristics. It will need to be not painted, not heated, not polished. In amber treatment process all healing characteristics are lost.

This massage amber ring is produce from genuine crude Baltic amber.

To use amber ring or amber bracelet is one of the best and easy way to massage BAP on hand.  If you are use this amber ring or amber bracelet, you don’t need seeking BAP and the same you are making massage to other BAP on hand or finger.

Usage: Put amber ring on finger or amber bracelet on palm. Roll amber ring on finger with gentle pressing it till you will feel warmth. If you will feel uncomfortably, stop made massage immediately. Biggest effect will be if you will made massage in warm water, in bath or in sauna.

Time to massage is unlimited. So you can use amber ring or amber bracelet not only such massager, but such pleasant apparel.