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The company “DK electronics” performs internet trade. Following the Cooperation Agreement concluded between the Company „Medicalamber“ and Company „DK electronics“ all trade transactions in the website are being performed by the company „DK electronics“. In order to purchase any goods on the internet, please contact the company „DK electronics“ .


Provisions of order of goods

The aim of the present trade conditions is to introduce the rules necessary to follow in cooperation with the company “DK electronics”, which performs functions of internet trade operator. The present conditions shall be valid to all who order the goods or services on the website despite of being individual client or a company. If any special offers for a client appear, they will be separately highlighted and available on the website. Selection or conclusion of a contract with “DK electronics” depends on decision of a client.

The present conditions are in force during the period of order, if goods or services are being ordered on the website The conditions shall be valid for all types of orders despite of the product has been ordered on the internet, by e-mail, by phone, by fax or by post.  The event of difference between the conditions and type of order will be mentioned separately.

When a buyer orders goods on the internet, he must confirm that he has familiarized and agree with GENERAL TRADE rules. By ordering goods by post, by phone, by fax or by e-mail a client must agree with trade conditions. The agreement with the present conditions may be directly confirmed on the website.  Also by necessity trade conditions may be sent by e-mail, fax or post.

„DK electronics” shall present the main characteristics of goods created by the manufacturers. „DK electronics” shall not be liable for incorrect information about goods presented by the manufacturer.  „DK electronics” shall also provide links where you may find additional information about goods or to be channelled to the websites of manufacturers. If any questions you may specify information on technical details by phone or by e-mail for the sales Department of the Company.

“DN electronics” depends from the suppliers who determine the number of goods and from special orders. Goods may be acquired only if they are available in the storehouse or via suppliers.  Please note that the period of purchasing supplements of goods often takes much time as to purchase the goods itself.

Goods may be purchased immediately, if the note “available for sale” is attached.  As the goods include the list of goods for sale, please check the time when the information has been updated last time.  “DK electronics" shall not be liable if goods for sale are presented in a wrong time.  For more information please contact by phone, by e-mail or by fax. 

All goods, which may be purchased shall, be available on the websites. Comments shall be presented depending on goods: “from 5 to 10 days” and “more than 10 days”: such comments show that goods are ordered and we are waiting for their delivery.  Such is average of time according to statistical data of fulfilment of order. The date shall not show that the company is obliged for its clients in terms of delivery time. If „DK electronics“ cannot order goods from their suppliers within indicated period we shall define a new time of delivery in electronic manner and send e-mail for the client by informing him about these changes. Upon reception of the present e-mail a client may select or cancel the order.  No any monetary penalties after cancelation of the order shall be applied.

Natural persons, retailers or companies must sign up on the website Signing up is possible by filling in the supplied registration form.

If a client has signed up on the website he may purchase/order goods available on E-shop or directly by phone, e-mail, fax or post. When a client orders goods on the website, he may fill in special form by providing personal information. We advise to read requirements additionally before performing an order. „DK electronics" shall not be liable for erroneous e-mails or consignments, appeared due to improper filled in forms.

1 Step Select the goods or complement of goods you wish to put into your cart (press the button nearby).

2 Step Check whether the goods are namely these you have selected.

3 Step If you are not registered client sign up by pressing button SIGN UP.  Attention: If your contact data differ from these you indicated for receiving of consignment it is necessary to enter the address according to which you would like to received the consignment.  If you purchased something earlier it is not necessary to sign up once more, only enter your e-mail and client number, which were used earlier.

4 Step Select the company of consignment delivery, the services of which you prefer to use.

5 Step If everything in order, select payment type.  

6 Step Transfer money and wait for delivery of goods.

If a client makes an order on the website, e-mail for confirmation of the order shall be created automatically and being sent to address available in the form of registration.  In other cases confirmation is presented only in the case if a client requests so.

A client may cancel an order till the beginning of its performance. If the order has already reached the level when it cannot be cancelled and if a client refuses to accept goods, he must refuse to accept delivery.  It means that consignment will be returned back while its performance is not started yet.  Cancelation may be made by phone +370 687 48992 or by e-mail: A client must reimburse all losses (bank fees, payment for consignment delivery companies etc.), which have been incurred by „DK electronics“ due to cancellation of goods.

Goods shall be sent only after reception of payment from the client.  If a client orders several types of goods and one of which is not available at the storehouse the fulfilment of order is being postponed while all necessary goods will be delivered to the storehouse.

Conditions of delivery

1. Costs of delivery. Transporting shall be charged depending on weight of consignment (including package and presents), country, territory, where the consignment should be delivered and selected type of delivery.  Transporting may be free of charge, if it is a special offer.

2. Sending. Orders available on the internet shall be fulfilled from Monday to Friday.  The company shall review all orders, which has been fulfilled a day before.  Preparation of consignment continues for 2 days before delivery (fulfilment of the order, preparation of invoice and goods, package) and further goes waiting for bank payment.

Goods are being packed considering a material they are made from.  Special technical procedures shall be applied in order to optimize the process of packing.

When order of goods is being performed on the internet, e-mail is being sent automatically in order to confirm that consignment has been sent (if a client has not made mistakes by filling the form of order).  Consignment number is included in the e-mail sent to a client.  The present number is necessary in order to monitor the consignment on the website of consignment delivery. Consignment delivery companies shall be liable for the services of monitoring the consignment.  „DK electronics” shall not be liable for any mistakes, which may occur at the present websites or for any shortcomings, which may disturb a client to obtain information involved in consignment.

3. Deliveries. The consignment will be send to the address indicated in the registration number of a client.  If you require sending a consignment to the other address, you must indicate it in the registration form.  In this case it is necessary to indicate both addresses:  your permanent address and the address where the consignment should be delivered.

The company of consignment delivery may left the message for the client by proposing to come to the nearest post office or storehouse or to contact with the company of delivery in order to arrange the time of delivery.

The consignment cannot be delivered in a time arranged with the company of consignment delivery.  If a consignment fails to be delivered timely a client may contact “DK electronics" in order to open the file of consignment monitoring.   The consignment may be lost due to errors of entered data.

If a consignment is lost „DK electronics” must evaluate deadlines presented by the company of consignment delivery by calculating losses and reimbursement of money to a client.  „DK electronics” will open the file and possibly will require data from a client in order to open the present file.

After reception of the consignment signature is necessary.  If a consignment is damaged client shall be entitled to refuse to accept it and to record details together with the representative from the company of consignment delivery.  A client also may open a consignment and to check its content without damaging packages of goods before signing on the form of consignment.  If there are any problems everything must be included in the form of delivery, which is being presented by the company of consignment delivery.

4. Liability.  If you received damaged consignment you must sent letter to the company of consignment delivery including details of your problem. The letter must be sent within two days from the reception of the consignment. In this case registered letter must be sent. 

A client within 15 days after the day of delivery the consignment considering details of the products available in the waybill must announce about all inaccuracies involved in the quality of goods or in the number of supplements of goods.

If the companies of providing services of post office or consignment delivery are on strike or under of circumstances of Force majeure „DK electronics“ will do everything in order to inform a client where the consignment has been sent.

“DK electronics” shall not be liable for delivery if circumstances cannot be controlled by the company.  „DK electronics” shall not be liable for improper use of goods ordered by a client.  „DK electronics” shall not be liable for and will not return/compensate losses if the user failed to follow the user's manual and components of goods were fully or partially damaged.

Payment conditions

If a client is individual person, he may pay by credit card, by bank transfer or by choosing other manner of payment, which is available on the website A client must ensure that he has enough authorizations to perform the payment.  „DK electronics” shall check all orders.  “DK electronics” may ask to present all documents necessary to activate the order, i.e. declaration of the place of residence, copy of passport etc.

„DK electronics” shall have the right not to deliver the goods while full payment has not been performed.  However this shall oblige a client to become responsible for damage or loss of product after their delivery.

Form of order filled in on the internet shall not have the status of waybill.  Despite of payment manner which is selected by a client, he receives the invoice at the time when the goods are being delivered.  „DK electronics” shall store digital copy of each invoice. 

In a case of payment failure "DK electronics“ shall has the right to refuse to fulfil the order or to deliver goods, if a client failed to pay the whole sum or the part thereof or if the claim has been sent to him.